Submission Guidelines

Working With Channelnomics

A User Guide for Public Relations, Analyst Relations, and Thought Leaders
January 2019

Welcome to the new Channelnomics, the center for concise insights into technology-channel news, trends, and issues. Since its founding in 2010, Channelnomics has served the global channel community by providing information on what’s happening in the industry – with vendors, channel programs, and products – and why. Channelnomics explores the economics, business processes, and value propositions of indirect sales and the relationships among vendors, distributors, partners, and customers. Channelnomics isn’t about the latest and greatest technology; it’s about the value and outcomes derived from technology products, services, and business models.

Channelnomics is a community. Our team of seasoned channel and technology professionals provides expert reviews and commentary on the news of the day based on the submissions of vendors, distributors, and partners. Channelnomics is also a content distributor, circulating messaging produced and supported by the vendor community, and a platform for content contributed by that community.

How Does Channelnomics Editorial Work?

Channelnomics has four levels of news and opinion content.

  1. Channelnomics Original: Content produced by the Channelnomics editorial team and deemed relevant and important to the community.
  2. Channelnomics Sponsored: Content produced by vendors and distributed by Channelnomics under a paid arrangement. Channelnomics Sponsored content is guaranteed placement and promotion provided it meets our content standards and criteria.
  3. Channelnomics Select: Content submitted by anyone in the community and selected for publication based on its importance to readers and the community at large. While it’s free to submit content, there’s no guarantee that submitted items will be published. Channelnomics editors will choose a limited number of submissions.
  4. Guest Perspectives: Opinion pieces submitted by qualified channel executives, industry experts, or technology practitioners. All content must be supported by citations of verifiable facts.

Submitting to Channelnomics

Anyone can submit content or request coverage from Channelnomics. The application process is essentially the same in both cases.

To request coverage or submit content, you must do the following:

  1. Fill out the application form; only fully completed forms will be considered.
  2. Provide as much information as you can in the prescribed format. Channelnomics staff may select your entry for Channelnomics Select even if you’re requesting coverage under Channelnomics Original.
  3. Answer all the questions in the application form. While you don’t have to pay for earned coverage (Channelnomics Original) or to submit content (Channelnomics Select), we do ask you to share some information about your company in exchange for content consideration and placement.

To submit a request for coverage or submitted content, please visit the Submission Form page.

If you want guaranteed placement of your content, contact Channelnomics sales at for more information.

Coverage and Content Selection Standards

Channelnomics will do its best to provide coverage of the most important news and trends, and to select submissions from the community with fairness and discretion. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate all requests and submissions.

Our standards for coverage and submitted content selection provide you with guidance on what to expect when we review your requests.

  1. Significance: Is the news, event, or issue relevant to the industry? Does it provide vendors, distributors, and partners with useful, actionable information or guidance?
  2. Timeliness: Is the news, event, or issue happening now or in the near future? Or is this an evergreen announcement? (Tip: Channelnomics isn’t interested in perennial stories or issues such as holiday shopping guides or tax scam warnings.)
  3. Accuracy: Is the information accurate and supported by verifiable facts? Does the news make sound claims?
  4. Sourcing: Is the news or issue supported by reliable sources such as third-party experts, analysts, partners, or customers?
  5. Details: Does the submission contain details to support the news and issues? Are the details sufficiently clear for the average reader to understand the information being conveyed?
  6. Completeness: Did the submitter provide all the requisite information on the news, event, or issue AND answer all of the questions asked by Channelnomics?
  7. Appropriateness: Is the submission free of offensive language or unsupported claims? Channelnomics will not publish content that contains hate speech or unsupported claims by one company against another.

Unfortunately, Channelnomics cannot always offer reasons why some items receive coverage while others don’t. In many cases, decisions will be made at the Channelnomics team’s discretion, based on capacity and editorial judgment.

If you have questions about Channelnomics editorial and selection processes, please contact